20 Feb 2016

Japan Day 2016

Japan Day 2016
Date : Sat. 19 March
Time: Cultural programme 12:30 - 5:00pm, Japanese film 5:10 - 7:15pm
Free admission

Come and enjoy our annual Japan Day!
The programme on the stage will include Japanese tea ceremony, Ikebana flower arrangement, Japanese calligraphy, Kimono demonstration and Japanese dance. You can also join in Brush painting workshop, Japanese calligraphy workshop and origami workshop.
Enjoy Japanese foods in the food court before you watch ‘The chef of south polar 南極料理人’ (堺雅人主演) from 5:10pm.
This year’s Japan Day is also celebrating 400th anniversary of Arita porcelain.

Click here for the full programme

Photos of the event 1
Photos of the event 2 (on the stage)
We had another successful Japan Day and would like to thank those who contributed their time, effort and skills and those who attended and enjoyed the day with us.
We would also like to report that £90.00 was raised for the Ishinomaki Children's Newspaper on the day. A total of £250.00 since last Japan Day will be donated to the Ishinomaki Children's Newspaper for their visit to Cambridge in March 2018. Thank you for your long term support for the children who suffered a lot from the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011.