14 Oct 2013

Charity Concert

Tsugaru Shamisen & Guitar Concert

Celebrating 400 years of relations,

Japan and UK & Europe

Supporting recovery of Sant Juan Bautista Museum

from Great East Japan Earthquake

& Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Appeal with Oxfam

Fri 29th November 7:00pm -

Suggested donation of £5.00

We have raised £430.00 and £215.00 has been donated to Oxfam and £215.00 is to be sent to Sant Juan Bautista Museum in Japan at the end of the year.

We would like to thank all those who supported this event.

"400 years relations of Japan and UK" by Mr Jonathan James
"400 years relations of Japan and Europe" by Mrs Emi Gordon

Followed by Guitar & Tsugaru Shamisen Concert
Hide Takemoto - Guitar
Hibiki Ichikawa - Tsugaru Shamisen

Reception & Charity craft fair after the concert

16 Jul 2013

Open Studio at the Kaetsu Centre

Cambridge Open Studios 2013

Melanie Max (Painting)

& Christophe Gordon-Brown (Sculpture)

13th-21st July


Come and experience beautifully soothing art.

Easy parking & wheelchair access.


19 Apr 2013

Shamisen Workshop with Hibiki Ichikawa

Shamisen Workshop with Hibiki Ichikawa

Date: Friday 3rd May 2013
Time: 7:00pm
Fee : £10.00

Mr Hibiki Ichikawa is the only professional Shamisen player in Europe / UK and he is going to give regular Shamisen lessons in Cambridge (Kaetsu Centre) soon.
Prior to the lessons he will give a trial workshop.
Book your place at admin@kaetsu.co.uk if you are interested - no experience required !

6 Feb 2013

Japan Day 2013

Japan Day 2013
Sat 9 March 2013
Doors open at 12:30
Free admission, Families welcome

View Japanese garden in progress, wear kimono and pose, taste Japanese tea, try brush strokes with black ink, feel the beat of Taiko drums… and more!
Don’t miss Japanese food - you can also take it away!
Programme available from here
We have raised and donated £397.09 to Sant Juan Bautista Museum from this event. Thank you very much for your generous cooperation.
Japanese film show co-hosted with the Embassy of Japan from 4:30pm
やじきた道中 テレスコ
“Three for the Road” 2007 108min
Japanese with English subtitles

Car parks and buses (map); http://www.kaetsu.co.uk/images/esmap.jpg